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Whilst many of generation baby b, x, y and z regard technology in terms of items such as cars, phones, medical equipment and even social media like facebook - these are what I call 'hard technology'. We have come a long way in the last 50 years in terms of hard technology. 'Soft technology' is where we are failed and failing over and over. 'Soft Technology' is human inventions such as language, law, political process, financial systems and even tools such as education techniques, psychological models, religion and culture. Never in the history of our planet have we seen the erosion of ecology and languages at the rate we are experiencing today. The loss of ecosystems (a failure of both soft and hard technology), inequality (failure of soft technology in the most) and the inability to promote and implement critical soft technologies such as robust economic, monetary and trade systems and transparent and fair political mechanisms is bitterly disappointing to say the very least - as we have for too long failed to progress on what previous civilisations have employed. In fact, we have become masters at sabotaging soft technologies. If you think the greatest challenges of the 21st century are hard technology challenges you may receive few objections, however if we do not design and implement the right soft technologies we are at risk of committing ethical fraud of the highest order.