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Vision Statement is dedicated to disruptive new ideas and innovations that are ethical and contribute to a better equilibrium for the stakeholders in planet earth and beyond



We list our top 5 target industries which we are targetting for disruption

1. Energy: Oil, gas and coal power have been instrumental in the carefree times of the industrial period. Now is the time for disruption at both the supply and demand ends of the value chain: 

Supply: Solar, wind, wave and others have been around for over 60 years yet commercialisation has been problematic. We salute governments that offer subsidies to these industries and we salute Siemens for pulling out of nuclear power.

Demand: The era of the gas guzzling automobile is gone. We salute Tesla Motors for forcing change upon the automobile market. We look to find more challenges for innovators to apply disruptive forces.

2. Internet - Technical

The internet is changing how the world shares information, communicates and solves problems. It may be hard to believe, yet the internet is still in its infancy.

We will bring to you the biggest areas for disruption in the technical fields encapsulating encryption and quantum physics and help you apply them to your area of expertise.


3. Internet - Social

The internet is changing how the world shares information, communicates and solves problems. It may be hard to believe, yet the internet is still in its infancy.

We like the way Facebook and Google have driven progress however we don't like the way that they manipulate us and share our data. This has created a big disruptive event and we will bring to you the latest disruptions and new innovations that shape societies.

Honourable mentions:, Diaspora Project,


4. Finance and Business

The globalization of business has brought markets together as they have never been before. Within the changing trade and finance paradigm, the ability to understand and actively court disruption will be the key to survival and becoming a 21st century powerhouse in business.

We look to disrupt business as never before as regulatory games are played between the major corporations and world Governments.

Our current workstream is to better support the following disruptions:


Global share and currency trading platforms: there is no reason why banks should profit from simple transactionary exchanges

Time value of money - we believe the way we value manage is a concept that deserves disruption

Online currency- this has been a well disrupted event with pioneers such as Bitcoin and others finding a niche.


5. Innovation: Science, and non computer technology

The biggest disruptions will arguably come from research and development labs and scientists. We will continue to bring you the best areas for disruption at the cutting edge of science and non computer technology



We believe that the best disruptions are to come.

We believe that for disruptions to be successful they need to consider the environment, the planet and its stakeholders and beyond.

We will publish our Disruption Oath and Manifesto from which you may be party to and be a shining light for disruption leadership on our planet.


We will continue to set a series of challenges for start-ups and IT technologists in all of our realms and will bring the ethical investors by appointment along for the ride.